Toyota 86 Hijack

Storytelling, through great content, is at the heart of so much we do these days in digital marketing. There’s room for technology tricks for sure, but you can’t beat a well told story.

Which is where I think we cracked it with the launch of the Toyota 86 in New Zealand. Transmedia, collaborative storytelling with just enough use of Facebook app technology to make sure it was heavily engaged with and shared.

Plus it had a “bad guy”, all good tales need a bad guy.

Read the full campaign profile on Behance.

The drug driving question

In 2012 we started tackling a new road safety issue for NZ Transport Agency at Clemenger – drug driving. The first phase was an integrated  campaign designed to generate conversation to get the issue on the agenda and deliver insights for future campaigns.

As an exercise in using channel integration to grow awareness and create conversation it was hugely successful. And as a foray into more Agile marketing it was particularly rewarding to work on. I gave a presentation on this aspect of it for the Marketing Association recently that I’ll post at some point.

You can see more details in my Behance project for the campaign.

Flash Driving Game

Flash Driving Game is a Facebook connected racing game designed to get young guys to think about slowing down on the road. Released just over a year ago it has hit the mark with both the target audience and our industry peers.

The campaign has won awards for the partners involved (NZ Transport Agency, Resn, OMD and Clemenger) at a dozen award shows around the world for interactive, direct marketing, design and effectiveness including Cannes Lions, Spikes, Caples and One Show.

I’ve added it to my Behance so you can see the strategy and some of the results there.

Flash Driving Game


The image is artwork for a DVD version of the game given away at target audience heavy events such as car shows. Of course the game is web-based so the DVD auto-loads the website when inserted.

Back at the bloggin’

Since 1995 I’ve had over a dozen incarnations of a personal website – most with some form of blog on them. Welcome to the latest one. Mostly I’ll be aggregating stuff that I find myself writing for other blogs at the moment.

If you’re looking for more of me then check my LinkedIn profile and contact me through there.

Facebook search gets stalkier

Facebook search gets stalkier with the roll-out of Social Graph Search. I use this as an excuse to ask what our obligations as marketers are to think about how our own campaigns might impact on privacy. Check it out on the Clemenger Group Digilab blog.

Initial feedback from a few folk I passed it by indicate people are as concerned with Google’s “reverse image search” when it is bought to their attention. Obviously, which has offered this for years, was not well known to many.